Cardio vs. Strength training. To sweat or not to sweat. Does one have to sweat to max their calorie burn? What is the best type of exercise for losing weight and toning?

We get these questions all the time from clients so our Co-Founders, Tanya Becker and Jennifer Maanavi, decided to weigh in on these hot topics below.


Does sweat mean more calorie burn?
No. But it’s vital for our bodies, nonetheless. Everything from our skin to our mood to our body temperature regulation benefit from just one sweat session. Unfortunately, sweating doesn’t necessarily have much bearing on how hard you’re working out or ultimate weight loss. You will lose water (hence weight), but you’ll drink it right back. On the same note, when you are in a sauna you’re not burning calories, you’re just sweating.

On the other hand, burning calories depends entirely upon intensity and duration of workouts. Exercising in a hot and humid room will just exhaust you faster, and you won’t burn as many calories because you will stop working out sooner. If you exercise in an air-conditioned room, you won’t sweat as much allowing you to exercise longer while burning calories.

If sweating won’t help me lose weight, what will?
While cardio does burn calories at an above-average rate while you’re doing the exercise, that’s where it ends. Once the exercise is completed, the body cools down and returns to its normal caloric burn mode. Strength training, on the other hand, builds, tones and sculpts muscle. Strength training also boosts your metabolism—for as long as 24 hours a day, some experts speculate.

So….Should we all just cut cardio?
Not. At. All. Cardio has huge benefits and that is where interval training comes into play. You can get the aerobic benefits of cardio while strength training if you exercise in peaks and valleys—called interval training. This can cut your workout time in half and increase the benefits – thus, you save time and get better results. That’s why classes like Cardio Burn, Amped Up! and S.B.T. (and our cardio focused online workouts) are so phenomenal to add to your routine.

So, what should I be doing to burn calories AND get toned?
Apart from the calorie burn boost, we’re HUGE fans of interval training – a mix of high-energy “sprints” (like strength training and cardio) followed a round of recovery (stretching) — around here. In other words, we’ve found that mixing things up in a single session just kills it when it comes to toning and strengthening over time and revving clients’ metabolisms in real time. So good – from the first moment of a workout through hours afterward.

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