Format of the Month: Mat 57


May is all about getting toned and sculpted abs for summer which is why our next featured Format of the Month is Mat 57. This core-focused class seamlessly weaves together ab-centric exercises sans barre. Using light weights and a ball, you’ll feel (and see) muscles in your midsection you didn’t even know existed.


NYC Instructor, Katie Mitchell, known for her hardCORE Mat 57 sequences (and killer abs herself) dishes on why she loves this format and what you can expect from this class. Check it out below.

Bonus! Take 4 Mat 57 classes in May in NYC or Los Angeles and receive a COMPLIMENTARY F.I.T. class in June (our next month’s featured format!).

How would you describe Mat 57 and how is it different from other Physique 57 classes?
Mat 57 is our version of a Pilates mat class. Like all of our other workouts, it is an incredibly challenging full body workout, but Mat 57 really focuses on core. We work the abs from every angle without the use of a barre. Because of the way this class is designed, you really have to deeply engage your core for balance, even in seat and thigh work.

What does this class offer results-wise that makes it an essential part of a weekly class regimen?
Core strength is so important in everyday life because it is essential to good balance and aids in the health of your back. That being said, Mat 57 is still a full body workout, with a full cardio section in the middle of class guaranteed to burn calories throughout the entire day. Also, it’s a fun way to change up your routine, ensure best results, and get your fix.

How often do you advise clients to take this specific class?
This is my absolute favorite class – I would take it every day if I could! I really love to work my arms and abs. I recommend taking this class 2 times a week, mixing it up with your other Physique 57 classes.

Name 3 favorite moves that you like to include in your Mat 57 class. Why do you love them?
Balance Series: There is a huge cardio sprint full of push-ups, planks, and exercises in the middle of class designed to target the huge calorie burning thigh muscles. Mixed into the transitions are all types of balance challenges. Some are all about stability, some are performed on one leg while pulsing another, and some are even incorporated into the standing split. These moves strengthen your stabilizers and leave you feeling balanced.

Supported C-Curve: We do a lot of work in a c-curve both with weights and with a playground ball. The supported c-curve is one of my favorite positions because the ball is supporting the back (similar to what the mats do in our traditional Physique 57 classes), but is also providing the perfect amount of resistance to deeply engage the abs.

Curtsy with Twists Although we don’t use a barre in mat class, you will still see some of your favorite thigh positions like wide second, lunge, and curtsy. However, we add all kinds of variations to the traditional exercises to engage your abs more and to deepen the challenge of the stabilizers. In the curtsy with a twist, the lower body is isolated and the upper body twists, carving away at the obliques, while defining your thighs.

Music is a key part of our class experience. Name your 3 favorite songs you’re currently playing in your Mat 57 class!
Sunchyme – Dario G
Spectrum – Florence + The Machine
Harlem – New Politics

Do you have any tips clients should keep in mind when taking this class?
Get ready to really learn how to properly engage your core. Throughout the class, you will constantly be reminded to draw your abs to your back so that by the end of the workout your waistline feels tighter.

Ready for hardCORE abs? Book your Mat 57 class in NYC or Beverly Hills. Don’t live near a studio, check out Katie’s killer 10 minute abs online workout.